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Q 1: Do I need to have a home telephone to get an ADT monitored system? Can I get ADT With No House Phone?
Answer: No, you don’t. Your home alarm wireless system can be set up with Cellular backup, which allows the ADT monitoring centers to communicate with your system through Cellular communication.**

** Available for $44.99 on cellular back up service plan
Q 2: If a burglary occurs after my ADT monitored home security system is installed, will ADT help with my insurance deductible?
Answer: Yes, ADT will cover up to $500.00 of your insurance deductible if you were to experience a loss from a break-in while your system was armed.*

* Certain restrictions apply
Q 3: How many monitoring stations are there?
Answer: ADT security systems monitoring has 4 Monitoring stations strategically located across the nation. Each station is fully prepared to handle any incident. The monitoring stations maintain backups for power, communications, and computer systems so your service is not interrupted. Some competitors only have 2 or less monitoring centers.
Q 4: What equipment needs to be hardwired during installation?
Answer: Since these are wireless security systems, the keypad is the only security item the technician will need to hardwire to your electricity and phone line.
Q 5: What kind of warranty comes with the alarm home security systems?
Answer: Each installed system comes with a Lifetime Warranty and Maintenance.
Q 6: If I get an ADT monitored alarm home security system will I get a break on my home owners insurance?
Answer: Usually you can save up to 20% on your home owners insurance.
Q 7: Do pets set off an ADT alarm system?
Answer: The motion detector is calibrated to ignore animals up to 40lbs.
Q 8: Will my ADT monitored home security system work if the power goes out?
Answer: Yes, a Back-up Battery is included with your alarm home security system wireless package and will automatically switch to its own back-up in the event of a power outage. When your power comes back on it will recharge the battery for future use.
Q 9: Is there a special Distress code that can be programmed on the ADT monitored system to alert the ADT monitoring centers of a problem in case I’m being held up?
Answer: Yes, this can be programmed and will be covered by your ADT service tech at installation.
Q 10: How long until someone can come do the installation after I agree that I want an ADT monitored system?
Answer: In most instances, installations can be done the very next day.  However installation availability may vary by city.
Q 11: How long does the installation process take?
Answer: Between 2 and 3 hours.
Q 12: What are the hours that installers are available to come?
Answer: Monday through Saturday. Typical installation time slots are 8-9 AM, 12-1 PM and 5-6 PM. Availability may vary by city.
Q 13: What do I need to do to prepare for the installation?
Answer: The account holder needs to be present to give us access to the home or business, and during installation to sign the applicable paperwork upon installation completion.
Q 14: Are the installers insured and bonded?
Answer: Yes
Q 15: What kind of guarantee does ADT monitored alarm system monitoring include?
Answer: ADT Guarantee #1
ADT Money-Back Service Guarantee:  If you are not satisfied within ADT's service within 6 months, ADT will refund all your monitoring fees and the cost of your installation.*
ADT Guarantee #2
Home Owner's Insurance Certificate:   ADT will provide you a Home Owner's Insurance Certificate which may help you save up to 20% on your homeowner's insurance.
ADT Guarantee #3
Theft Protection Guarantee:  ADT will pay your insurance deductible (up to $500) in the event of a burglary.*
ADT Guarantee #4
Mover's Security Guarantee: What that means is if you move anytime AFTER your first two years of service, ADT will relocate your service to your new home, anywhere in the country, free of charge. Please understand that your actual equipment will remain, but the monitoring will continue in the new location.

You will receive a new standard security system in your new home. If you are going to move in less than two years, Protect Your Home is located coast to coast and can accommodate your security needs at your new residence with just a $99.00 installation fee. Click Here for More Details

* Certain restrictions apply.
Q 16: What kind of payments do you accept?
Answer: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Check
Q 17: When do I get the $100 rebate card?
Answer: The $100 Rebate card will be sent out within 6 weeks of installation completion.
Q 18: What happens if I move?  What happens to my ADT Monitored Security System?
Answer: Mover Options

Option 1: Under the monitoring contract through ADT for MORE than 2 years: 

ADT will relocate your service to your new home at no cost to you.  In order to relocate your service, you must call ADT Corporate.
Option 2: Under monitoring contract through ADT for LESS than 2 years:

You may pay a $99.00 installation fee and sign a new 36 month agreement.  It is your responsibility to remove any additional equipment purchased in order to take it with you to the new location.
If you need the old system removed, please call Customer Care to set up a service call. The charge of this service call is $25.00.  If this was previously pre-paid, you will be credited that remaining balance from your old account to the new account.
Option 3: Cancellation of Service:
75% of the remaining balance on the current agreement must be paid.  If previously pre-paid, Protect Your Home will reimburse you 25% of the unused balance on your existing account. This will satisfy your agreement with Protect Your Home and release you from any further obligation.
USAA Movers
If you are part of this program, you must pay $339.00 plus $99.00 for installation.

Suspending Service

Protect Your Home does not “suspend” services. The system must be moved within 30 days after cancelling with ADT.

Transferring Service

Transferring service is referring to existing account holders who want another person to assume the agreement on their behalf. We do not allow for existing account holders to be released in order for another individual to assume the agreement.

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