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Home Safety Tips

Light all entrances.  Thieves want to go unnoticed which is much easier to do in dark places.

Use strong deadbolt locks for all doors and windows.  If a thief can break glass and open the lock, have a 2nd lock on the bottom part of the door or window where he cannot reach.

Use timers to make it look like someone is always home.  Having lights go on and off and music on gives the appearance that the place and is occupied and serves as an excellent deterrent to thieves.

Never open the door to a stranger, or allow a stranger into your house, even to use the phone.  Offer to make the call for them.

Never announce when you are away from home on a trip.  Do not mention being on vacation or away from home on your answering machine or indicate that the house is empty when talking on the social networking sites online.

Make sure sliding glass doors and windows are installed correctly.
Incorrectly installed sliding doors allow a criminal to simply lift out the panel and enter. An estimated one quarter of all sliding glass doors and windows are installed backwards (so the sliding part is on the outside track).

Get and close heavy drapes -- especially on rooms where there is expensive equipment.  Many times a home intruder will walk up and look through the windows of a home to see if there is anything worth stealing - He knows what he wants to steal before he even breaks in.

Plant rosebushes or cactus in front of all vulnerable windows.  The second most common way of breaking into homes is through side or rear windows due to minimal chance of detection. Make it harder and more painful by using throny plants as a deterrent.

Do not leave your garage door open.  Many thieves will drive up and park in an empty garage, close the garage door and kick in the usually lightweight door that goes from your garage into your home, filling their car without anyone being able to see anything.

Create a neighborhood watch on your block.  Potential burglars will go elsewhere if they believe that someone is likely to see them.

Don’t tuck your keys in obvious places.  Burglars will find them quickly.

Never give personal information to people you don’t know over the phone.  They could be burglars stealing your identity information, learning if they think you have property worth stealing, or trying to indentify when you are likely to be gone.

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